Wednesday , June 3 2020

Research and ELT

Study on Creating Literature review in short stories and novel

Sampul Skripsi

Literature review has been an important part in reviewing topic. Literature is collected from various sources and references to build good and compelling topic. It is used to support the main idea by pointing to what expert think about the subject. Review of related literature which usually available in skripsi consist of various topic and references. An author would need to review any of the literature in order to use it as supporting idea. Any statement about the topic were collected and being compared with the result of the research. ...

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New Research: Students really love to learn harder in their favorites lessons

Getting high marks in every task at schools is really important for students. Most of the times, they will learn about their study in order to achieve it. This is why many students get great result in exam. They got it through hard works that were not easy. It made me think if students really love to study hard in their daily activities. To support this idea, a simple research was done few days ago. The population of the subject is 35 and the sample was taken ten students. This ...

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Conclusion and Suggestion after doing Research on the use of LI in ESL/EFL classroom

While the research had ended few days ago, as a researcher, it is a good idea to share the result with public. This post will contains basic Conclusion about the already finished research. To make the research even better, some suggestions were given with a hope that anyone who doing the same research will achieve better results. The conclusion is shown below: Conclusion The results of the present study on the use of LI in Indonesian context above indicate that the use of bahasa Indonesia in English class is felt ...

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It have been really long time without updates for few weeks. In those Weeks, I had a research that must be done before the end of this month. The research is about “Finding and Discussion that related to the purpose of the study”. This research done by giving some presentation in local schools and The presentation talks about the attitude of both students and English teacher toward the use of LI in Indonesian context. It is about How often and on what occasion it was used in EFL classroom.  Below ...

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Research on the use of L1 in English Class of the Eleventh Year Student

The great phenomena in today world is people learn foreign language, especially English as international language in Indonesia, English is taught in the class as second language learning. In English teaching learning process, the learners often face many problems. It is caused the students are low proficiency in English and the degree of similarities between English and Indonesian is low. So, lot of the teacher use the L1 in the class to solve this problem. However, the use of L1 in English class is controversial issue. Some experts out there ...

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REVIEW OF RELATED THEORY based in Figurative Language

at least, we were now advancing into the next section,CHAPTER II. in this section, we will try to make a REVIEW of related Article. it is easy to make it. read the example of my article below (the article is a research in the Jakarta Post’s News) REVIEW OF RELATED THEORY A Brief Explanation of Figurative Language The term “figurative language” refers to bypassing the literal meaning to deepen, broaden, or bring about new ideas or insights into a word or phrase. In many ways, figurative language is a description, ...

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Nisya, the local teacher

here is an example of my research. this is only for example, please do not copy my research without my permission. if you want to copy the article, ask nicely and I will likely give the permission. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Figurative language is language that uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation. When a writer uses literal language, he or she is simply stating the facts as they are. Figurative language, in comparison, uses exaggerations or alterations to ...

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Make a good essay or Skripsi in UNIROW part II

1.1 Statement of the Problem Plays are through necessity literary as well as dramatic works of art, and thus it become relatively simple for us to study the dramatist’s use of language. When we consider the use of language in plays we are always concerned with the dramatic effectiveness of the playwright intention, if a character speak in a certain way, is thereby made more dramatic. So, in this drama the researcher wants to discuss about figurative language used she formulates the statement of the problems as follows: 1.2.1 What ...

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Now we come to last research of us. When the student made sentences they also made some mistakes, although that was not done by all of the students, just some of them show the teacher gave the true sentence by giving pattern and explanation and that’s mean we are ready to advance into the next Stage. CHAPTER III CONCLUSION AND SUGESTION I. CONCLUTION Not all the errors should be corrected by the teacher directly, but the teacher had better give another student chance to correct other students’ mistakes in order ...

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Research and ELT chapter II in Pondok Pesantren HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN

CHAPTER II ACTIVITY AND TEACHER’S CORRECTION a) Activity one The first activity was the teacher coming to the class. Then he was greeting the students. He started to stimulate the students by asking some questions for instanced: 1) Do you know Dora ‘the Explorer’? 2) Who knows Tom&Jerry;? 3) Can you mention one of the best animations movie? 4) Have you ever heard Shin Chan? 5) With whom did he live? 6) Are there any similarities between Shin Chan, Dora and Tom&Jerry;? Among of them answered the question correctly but ...

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