Friday , June 5 2020

Figurative Language Analysis

Two reasons to use Figurative Language in daily activities

Figurative Language is used to figure or describe a something by using words or sentences which the meaning is different than the original. Whenever an object is being compared with another, it must likely a figurative language is being used. In formal documents such as Essay, Thesis, Journals and Skripsi, Figurative language may exist to describe and comparing the chosen object. Wikipedia stated “Non-literal or figurative language refers to words, and groups of words, that exaggerate or alter the usual meanings of the component words”. There are eight forms of ...

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Learn faster Identify Figurative Language in Article

Figurative Language which is well known as unique way to express the feeling by using selected words can be identified pretty easy. For new learner, it may sound hard but with lots of practice, it can be quite easy. Understanding a figurative language is not necessary if the purpose is just to identify whether the sentences are using figurative languages or not. However, it is best to understand all the kinds of figurative languages. Figurative language has been explained in previous article. This post will give simple insight and new ...

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Example of Figurative Language Analysis in Essay or Poetry

Essay written by popular authors sometimes contain figurative languages. Popular author such as Krashen and Mochammad Rifai embed figurative languages in the contents of their great work such as essay or Skripsi and even Thesis. The popularity of Figurative Languages grow up when lots of popular profile using it in their daily activities. Singer, Teacher and even Politicians, use it to express their ideas. Figurative languages can be used for lots of advantages. However, not all person understand about Figurative languages. Even if they don’t really know all the type ...

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