Monday , June 1 2020

Teaching Faster

Some Tips for teacher in teaching Vocabulary to student

There are several ways in teaching vocabulary to local student. Vocabulary is an important part in learning foreigner language such as English. Understanding and able to use grammar is not enough to construct a good sentences. Vocabularies were really important if anyone willing to create great sentences as there will be lots of selection of words. To make it quick, here is an article that was written by Irna Diana, a contributor to this site. She isn’t an author in this site and might be added in future. TOP TIPS ...

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Teach English faster by introducing Local Language in the process

Learn English faster by understanding local language means an activity that perform some analyzing on the local language. The local Language that will be analyzed at this stage is “DUTA ILMU”. In English it mean the missionary of knowledge. Understanding local language is important in order to teach English faster. Mother language is the key of successful teaching in ESL schools. Teaching English faster is the dream of every teacher. The use of local language in teaching is recommended. Let’s take a closer look on the reason below: Local language ...

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Sampul Skripsi

Local teachers whom teaching English always have the same principal, to make their students able to understand the grammar. The rules in creating good structural sentences in English is called as Grammar. By using the grammar, students will have bigger chances to understand the study. Grammar is an essential part. Almost all formulas in using good English sentences or conversation start from grammars. Without grammars, student will only have less chance or even would completely unable to get the skills in learning English. First grammar and also the most easiest ...

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How to learn faster translating a language into another

Interacting with lots of people from all country is possible today. Phone and internet make it easy for us to communicate with them. While dealing with conversation, a problem may arise. How do we understand their language. learn all of their language? Yes, it is a good choice but it will spend lots of times. We just need to learn English and all the problem will be gone. English is the worldwide language. Everyone should use it because it is the international language at this time. To understand their language, ...

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tips to learn english for DIARY IRNA DIANA in UNIROW

DIARY IRNA DIANA in UNIROW: is a private blog focusing in teach student on how to create a something. The articles were written systematically to make it easier for the reader to follow the tutorials. contains ideas and also some tips to solve difficult question. Almost all assignment given by lecturer from UNIROW were answered in that site. Student also have an option to learn about it at the site or learn by analyzing the samples. provides samples of each assignments and also give student simple description of ...

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