Thursday , June 4 2020

Tutorials on How To Learn Easier

Top Five Activities in Learning English faster and easily

Student in local areas have been interviewed and the result is awesome. While in University, I did a research to get the insight on how the smart students learn in their daily activities. The result of the research was never published due to waiting for some permission from Mochammad Rifai as we were working as a team in the past. The student researched in the study were fifty excellent student from international school in our area. All of them were picked up from various classes and from various grade. Basically, ...

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Tutorial how to study limitation definition

Student in UNIROW learn to be great teacher. Their lecturer often give them assignment to create a summary of Skripsi or conclusion of Thesis. This task is a nightmare for almost all student. Many of them didn’t know how to create a summary of Skripsi or a conclusion of Thesis. Learning English in UNIROW is a good choice. Many lecturer use different techniques in teaching. They often give their student an assignment which need references from internet. Most of the times, They ask the student to get lots of materials ...

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How to Learn English All the Time

Learning English isn’t that hard if we know on what to do. First things first, Learn English all the time is possible. Some people out there said if learnt English all the time isn’t possible. Due to other activities take in place, “it is impossible to learn English all the time” they said it in a seminar at UNIROW, a local College in my town. It is possible to learn English all the times. Arick, a student from UNIROW convince his theory. He said, If a someone want to learn ...

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Tutorial about Chapter II Review of Related Literature in Skripsi

Today, We will Continue our study on the next Chapter. Before this post, I had discussed about Chapter I (Chapter 1 or Chapter One). Please study the previous Chapter before read this Chapter as it may confuse you. Chapter I (Chapter 1 or Chapter one) contains background of the study, statement of the problem, objective (purpose) of the study Limitation of the Study, significant of the study, definition of the key terms and Organization of the Skripsi. The next Chapter is Chapter II (Chapter 2 or Chapter Two). Chapter II ...

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