Sunday , May 31 2020

Useful Essay

Playing games with Family in the End of year

It is four days before the new year started. To be precise, it is three days and three hours  left. I was thinking lots of things about the past. I have done many jobs and suddenly I though about enjoying life. It seems I was working too hard and have less times to gather with my whole family. All of my families works harder and didn’t aware of the fact if we were separated each others because of our activities. I believe there will be good times when we were ...

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Simple examples and Explanations of Literature Review about Speaking problems

Literature Review is just like as references review collected form the experts. Literature review is about to be discussed with the ‘unnoticed professor from UNIROW ASIA’.  The literature that will take into account is about speaking problems. The discussion will take more than few days to complete and the result maybe posted here if it granted the permission to share it publicly. So here is the simple example of review literature available for public. Literature review on speaking ability using quantum teaching method at second grade students and also review ...

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Few Reasons why student should make an essay

We love Education

Some of my readers ask me the same question, DID WE NEED TO MAKE AN ESSAY? the answer is of course we need to make an essay. the reasons are: by creating an essay, we will be able to graduate as this is the requirement if we want to finish our study in the university. by creating an essay we will be able to show our skill to the people around us. an essay is like our notes. the more we make it, the better. When i was in the ...

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